Do You Know the Signs of Damaged Siding?

damaged wall Siding

Ever wondered whether your siding still protects your home as it did before? If you are thinking so or have found your neighbors doing so, probably this is the time to install some new siding on your home. Following are some signs that indicate the need new siding.

Bubbles or Warp

To make the siding work, you should keep it flat against your house. There could be damage under the siding if there are warping or bubbling on your home. Damage can include water damage and pests like termites. These problems are among the primary reasons for considering new siding.

Increased Energy Bills

If your power bills have been going up even when the temperature seems normal for Oklahoma, your siding might be the cause. With age, the performance of the siding deteriorates and seams between siding sections open up. This lets heat into and out of your home, requiring more heating or AC for comfort.

An older siding tends to be pulled away from home.

Damaged Wall Siding

Knocking Sounds When Windy

An unexplained knock or wrap on your siding when the wind blows indicates that siding is coming loose. Loose siding doesn't just make noises; it doesn't provide weather or noise insulation. If you know Oklahoma weather, this is reason enough to call a siding company in OKC.

Water Damage

Did you have your windows and roofs checked? Are there stains on your drywall but you cannot find any leaks? Is there no apparent reason behind peeling paint? These are water damage signs and if it is not in your windows, perhaps it is your siding.

Wood Siding Issues

Wood siding is not as common as vinyl, but if it gets to the point where it needs new paint sooner than every 5 years, it’s time for new siding; even moreso if you see bubbles form under the paint after finishing a coat. Rotting wood just does hold onto fresh paint.

Come to Salute Exteriors, your siding company in OKC to get your siding replaced. If you find any of these signs on your siding, it is high time to contact us.