Signs your Siding Needs a Replacement

A smart homeowner always plans ahead to for any kind of problem in the household to avoid hassle and save money and time. Be it a plumbing issue, electrical hazards, repairing anything or replacing, it is better to look for the problems and get a solution before the problem gets out of hand, when it could have been prevented.

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Siding companies in OKC say that people often overlook siding maintenance for their home. As a consequence, they face several problems with their building exterior. As siding plays a crucial role in giving shape to your home, it is important to repair and replace it on time.

Here are some tips to know when you should replace the siding of your home’s exterior.

  • Be it fiber cement siding or something else, the contractors in Oklahoma City identify visible cracks and holes as a sign it is the right time to replace the siding. A visual inspection is enough to know. If you can detect cracks and holes with the naked eye, understand that water can seep through the cracks and damage the wood underneath it. Consequently, this can cause mold growth, mildew and even rot the wood. Needless to say, it is neither good for your health nor for the aesthetics of the home.

  • If the condition of the siding is bad, you may notice that it is seperating from the walls. This is a common problem with wood siding. When the siding gets separated from the walls, it is, of course, unable to serve the purpose of protecting your wall from moisture and other elements.

  • If the siding is made of aluminum, there is no chance for deterioration, but it can oxidize and create a chalky dust. It needs to be replaced when it is actually damaged or dented by something heavy, like a tree branch during high winds.

  • If you notice your electricity and gas bills are getting higher day by day with no particular reason, you should look at the siding as its worn out condition can be responsible. As the siding provides extra protection to the structure, you do not want cracks and leaks. A leak can allow the conditioned air to escape and this can cause the HVAC system to use more energy and increase your bill.

  • Some people overdo the maintenance of their siding and this is also harmful to its natural performance. Frequent power washing to remove algae, mildew and staining can deteriorate its performance. On the other hand, it’s awful to look at worn out siding. You have to keep a balance with maintenance and replace it on time to avoid bad performance and appearance.

With all of these reasons in mind, it is important to remember that you need a professional to assist with all repairs and new installation of fiber cement siding in Oklahoma City. We, Salute Exterior are one of the reputable siding companies in OKC where you can get a consultation, the best quality material and professional repairs and installation all in one place. Contact us now and the get the best service.