Should I Repair or Replace Damaged Windows?

Repair or replacement, people often become confused as to what they should do for their window. If you want a to-the-point answer, it would be ‘it depends’. No reliable service provider can determine whether you need a repair or replacement without seeing the condition of your windows. If you live in near, you can ask a home remodeling contractor in OKC for an inspection.

Here are some common symptoms for which you should call a home remodeling contractor in Edmond, OK, immediately.

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Broken Panes and Seals

If your windows glass is broken, you may think a change of the glass will be enough, but what you may not know is that the window pane is also broken. Professionals that complete home remodeling in OKC can determine if the pane is broken or not. This is where replacement would be a wise decision.

Same goes for broken seals. This can be the reason for broken windows and panes in the first place. The foggy condensation in between the panes are a sign of a broken seal. It is better to re-seal the entire window keeping the frame intact.

Drafty Windows

Despite having the windows closed, if you feel a cool breeze entering your home, know you have drafty windows. If the air is passing through the gaps of the frames, dividers and sashes, you can repair it by calling a professional. You may not need a replacement for this issue.

Stuck Windows

If you have a window that is unable to be opened, don’t give much pressure on that, as you can end up breaking the glass. The inspector from a home remodeling company in OKC should be called immediately. After their inspection, you will know the actual problem and according to their suggestion, you can decide how to proceed.

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Rotten Wood

This is a case where there is no option other than replacement. When the frame of your window is completely damaged, like the wood is rotten, you will have to replace the entire window.

For a reliable home remodeling contractor in Edmond, OK, you can call Salute Exteriors. We have a professional team to inspect your windows and recommend the best way forward for the situation.