A Brief Comparison – Fiber Cement Type Siding and Other Siding Options

If you are ready for a new fiber cement siding installation at your home in Oklahoma City, fiber cement siding should be included among your top choices. For decades, fiber cement siding and James Hardie Siding are synonymous, though there are a few other options now in the market. None of the options are so provably dependable as James Hardie Siding. As the purpose of this article is a comparison, we know you are looking for other brands than James Hardie Siding.

Wood Siding Wall

Wood Siding

The wood siding looks great but does not last long. Bugs can affect it quickly if it not maintained well. Scorching heat also can fade color and can make the surface dry out leading it to crack. Maintenance work is frequently needed such as repainting every year.

Vinyl Siding

For vinyl siding, numerous brands and many style options are for sale. It’s low-maintenance similar to cement fiber siding. However, it does not withstand hailstorms or tornadoes; it is one of the most frequently damaged products companies end up having to replace. Hail and storms both can tear off vinyl siding.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding performs a little better than vinyl siding when pelted by hail as it becomes only dented. It only has pulling problems with windstorms like vinyl. Many homeowners complain about color fading out quickly; this is the reason for choosing another option.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Pests cannot eat into fiber cement siding. Therefore, it’s much more practical and durable compared to wood siding. James Hardie fiber cement siding holds its color for fifteen years. Rarely you will see a strong wind damaged fiber cement siding, so as hail. Choose between numerous colors and style of fiber cement siding for your Oklahoma City home.

For your fiber cement siding quote in Oklahoma City, call us. Salute Exteriors would help you with the different options and styles even if you want to install a new one or to replace an existing one.