New Styles Introduced in Siding

Wooden Finish Fiber Cement Siding

Siding gives you an excellent way for your house to gain color and definition. Aesthetics are always important, but also the weather and water resistance, ease of installation and versatility of the material you’re considering.

Today's siding is available in various colors and styles, well beyond the typical lap style. There are many options from siding companies in OKC for creating the perfect façade, and you want to select it carefully.  The choice of mixing colors is a unique and modern look for your home, but you won't like the results if it’s not done right. Before you make your choice, consider this.

In Oklahoma City, siding companies prefer James Hardie Siding the most and if you are wondering why, the one-word answer would be its versatility. The combination of desired quality, appearance, longevity and wide range of products are the causes for its popularity.

The Range of Mix Sidings

If you’d like to mix and match textures, you must consider the home style or other external elements. For example, if your home’s mostly done in stonework should not have different styles of siding among the small amount used. You can pick lap style, vertical style or decorative styles, but it might be best to stick with just one so that the outside isn't too busy.

Look to add a vertical siding on your gables if your house only has siding. It stretches the house and lifts your eye. The cedar style is a great way to distinguish your home. Use it on a portico or another area where visual interest is to be felt. The mixing of various boards of width is another option. It's a fad, but it seems like a powerful one.

Color fiber siding

Color Coordination

Maybe you’re not attracted to different styles of siding. However, to distinguish your home, consider color coordination. For example, consider fitting dormer windows with one color and the rest of the house another. The gables can also be colored in different ways. Naturally, no rule says that you cannot have colors or styles in coordination.

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