6 Reasons to be Loyal to James Hardie Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Despite the availability of new siding brands, it is for very good reasons that most home exterior professionals in Oklahoma City still hold up James Hardie siding. James Hardie is the world's renowned leader in the production of premium cement fiber siding. Here in the US, James Hardie cement siding covers more than 5.5 million homes. The siding's appearance, performance, and value are satisfactory with the homeowners and renovation experts. If anyone tries to convince you to try brands other than James Hardie, here are your six reasons to be loyal to James Hardie.

Safety: James Hardie's ASTM rating classifies it as non-flammable. Investment in James Hardie Siding could save lives in homes that have a fireplace or those who live in areas vulnerable to wildfires. It simply does not burn a cement fiber product. Little better quality of fire security can be achieved for a homeowner.

Brand awareness: James Hardie investment is an established strategy to increase the resale value of a home. Almost every prospective homemaker, including the first - time purchaser, will recognize the name of James Hardie.

Appearance: James Hardie offers the shake side option if you want sidings that imitate the presence of something other than a board. Even if you don't want to dress up gables for the cottage on Cape Cod beach all over the house, the James Hardie makes it possible, in James Hardie's side, to add a little more curb appeal that distinguishes one home from the neighbors’.

Textured Fiber Cement Siding

Sustainability: Fiber cement consists of natural materials and their durability, like cement, sand, cellulose fibers and water. Also, these products are exceptionally well able to handle high heat, UV radiation, and moisture. This certainly means it will last longer than other siding options. You can rest assured that the need for replacement over time is significantly reduced.

Guarantee: For its plank-siding products, James Hardie offers a limited 30-year warranty. Covered with a 15-year limited warranty are matching trimmings and color finishes. Different guarantees cover the specialty climate zone products. These guarantees show that James Hardie trusts their product.

History: For more than 127 years, James Hardie Siding has protected the homeowner’s most significant investment. To remain in the leading position for that duration in a single industry should be proof that something is being done right. Why would you risk it for a lower price on any other product? You know what you get for your money, and James Hardie is the best one.

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