James Hardie Siding Maintenance Tips

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Cleaning and keeping the outside of your home is essential to maintain the beauty and value of your home. Proper attention to your James Hardie siding not only ensures its beauty but also ensures it lasts for years. The James Hardie warranty cannot, like most warranties, cover damage to the siding caused by improper cleaning and maintenance. Our siding company in OKC as an authenticated provider of James Hardie Siding follows these maintenance tips.


  • Wash your sidings with a garden hose, or low-pressure water sprays every 6 to 12 months to remove dirt and debris.

  • ColorPlus® Technology products from James Hardie can be used with water and a soft brush or rag. A mild detergent and a soft brush could be used for stubborn dirt or stains.

  • See your paint manufacturer for washing and maintenance requirements relating to paint applied.

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Acid and Pressure Washing Warning

  • The surface of James Hardie fiber cement products may be damaged by the high-pressure water blasts and the sandblasts.

  • The soft medium bristle, non-metal brush and low-pressure water spray are best suited to clean fiber-cement products.

  • Washing acids can be harmful and are not recommended on the fiber cement surface. 

  • Note: When using a pressure washer, care must be taken not to damage the siding surface by the water stream.


  • When it begins to show signs of wear the caulking should be used again, as it can help prevent moisture from entering the cavity wall.

  • Caulk penetrations, flashings, panelling and trim, and in some cases between panel joints.

  • James Hardie recommends the use of flexible caulks and sealants. Look at what is written on or in the accompanying literature for words "permanently flexible."

Clean Gutter

  • Clean out blocked pipes, gutters and overflows. Install gutters and spouts if your house doesn’t have them.

  • Ensure proper drainage around home and landscaping.

  • It is good practice to leave space between vegetation and home siding. Think of shrubs, bushes, and small trees. This will also ensure that sprinkler systems do not saturate the exterior areas.

  • Maintain the necessary external clearances off the ground of 6"and drainage.

  • Avoid direct contact with deicing salts, since the finished appearance can be damaged prematurely by these salts. We recommend that sand or gravel be used to manage adjacent snowy or icy surfaces.

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 Keeping up your home exterior helps prevent intrusion of water and it is an important part of maintaining your home's beauty and value. The scope and type of maintenance depend on your house's design, its geographical location, the weather and sun exposure and the landscape close to your house.

Come to Salute Exteriors for James Hardie Siding. At our siding company in OKC, we know how to maintain your siding and help you to keep it in good condition.