Save the Woodpeckers – Change Your Siding

Woodpecker damage is common for fiber siding. These birds are often found sitting on siding, creating damage. There are four reasons that woodpeckers are attracted to your siding. First, it can make a loud noise to attract a mate. Second, the bird may want to make a nest or roost hole, it generally does this at the beginning of the breeding season. Third, it is possible that the birds are looking for insects to eat. Fourth, they may want to store food in the hole. Whatever the reason, a woodpecker taking in your siding is not a good thing, they will cause you damage. Therefore, you should stay away from any siding options that attract woodpeckers. Needless to say, James Hardie siding, which is available from Salute Exteriors in Oklahoma City, is not as prone to attract woodpecker damage.

Siding Types That Attract Woodpeckers

Vinyl Siding – This is less susceptible to getting woodpecker damage, but if your fascia is made of wood, it can attract these birds. Woodpeckers generally make a drumming noise on it to attract mates which can damage it.

Cedar Clapboards – Stained cedar clapboards are a favorite of woodpeckers, and the siding is susceptible to damage. It becomes more vulnerable if the color tone is dark brown, red or green. The bird may make holes and scrapes on the corner boards or in fascia wood with drumming.

Wood Composite – Wood composite is a bit foreign to woodpeckers so they are generally less likely to burrow this siding material, which is why damage is not usually too bad. However, you can find small holes because of drumming at times.

Grooved Plywood – Grooved plywood siding looks similar to battens and boards and is probably going to get some woodpecker holes in it if any live nearby.

Resawn Cedar Shakes – Homes made of stained resawn cedar shakes, especially with earthy tones, are susceptible to woodpecker damage.

Cedar Shakes/Shingles – When it is stained cedar shakes or shingles, the siding is prone to woodpecker damage.

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Siding Types Not Prone to Woodpecker Damage

Stone/Brick – This is costly as a remodeling option, and some construction is just not well suited to it without extensive remodeling, but stone and brick are not prone to woodpecker damage.

Fiber Cement – This is the best solution to stave off woodpecker damage and get an economical and attractive siding option that will last. If you need to have fiber cement siding installed by a professional James Hardie Siding contractor in Oklahoma City, Salute Exteriors offers this best-in-class product.

LP SmartSide – This is engineered wood and woodpeckers do not peck at it. Also it is free from bug infestations.

If you want James Hardie Siding to protect and beautify your Oklahoma City home, contact Salute Exteriors. We will help you keep the exterior of your home looking new and endure for decades to come.