Fight winter with the Right Siding Material

If frigid weather is dominant in your state and you witness snowpacking on your siding, you should take some steps to protect your home. Read this article to know more in detail.

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Being a siding contractor in Oklahoma City, we have first-hand experience on how difficult snow and freezing climates can be for construction materials and structures. We want to share our experience while working in such situations with you.

Having a vacation home that is not used frequently is hard to keep snowpacking off. In this situation, you have to choose the right siding material for the building.

No matter if you are installing fiber cement siding in Oklahoma City, or something else, it is recommended you install wainscoting around the bottom of the siding. This permits you to choose a different classing for snowpack areas where you have to focus maintenance over the coming years. After that, you should choose a material that resists freezing weather and is free from the risk of cracking during winter. You can ask for a warranty for the material. Stone siding, seam steel or aluminum, James Hardie siding etc. is popular in Edmond.

In order to protect your siding from frigid weather and snow, you need to choose the best material by consulting with a professional. In the United States, most places that are affected by cold weather and frozen water expands by 10%. The colder the environment becomes, the more stress it puts on the buildings surfaces. Frozen water is stored in between the siding and can create immense pressure on it. Here are some common siding materials mostly used in Oklahoma and Edmond. Take a look.

Fiber cement siding is popular in Oklahoma City because it is a concrete material, but it is more brittle than wood siding during freezing weather. Water can penetrate into it causing damage and lead to cracks. The technology of smart concrete is still under research and testing.

Vinyl Siding expands and contracts with the temperature changes. This is why the installation is a bit tricky. It should be loosely installed so that movement can be allowed. It is also vulnerable to winter.

Wood Siding is a traditional material for siding that can resist cracks and splitting. These are made from a combination of treated wood and fiber they can withstand the freezing weather. It is often ignored by people because of pests and birds.

If you are still confused when choosing between James Hardie siding in Edmond and others, you can just come to us, Salute Exteriors so that you can pick the most suitable one for your purposes.