A 360-Degree View of James Hardie Siding

When looking after a house most people focus on the interior, and overlook the exterior. Though there is a lot to consider. Like our skin, the exterior protects the interior of the house. That is why ignoring it is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make. Siding is something that protects the interior of the home and also enhances the aesthetics. The people in OKC as well as other states in the U.S. always prefer James Hardie siding above all others. Behind this immense popularity, there are very prominent reasons. Let us unfold just a few of them together.

Choices of Siding

There are multiple siding choices including brick, stone, wood, vinyl, stone, stucco, cedar etc. Generally, siding is made of fiber cement, vinyl, or other metal oriented strand board panels. Each of the types have their qualities; James Hardie siding has its uniqueness and outstanding benefits which are why it easily wins the market. The siding contractors in Oklahoma City prefer James Hardie Siding as it is non flammable, safe from bug and termite infestations and does not shrink etc. like wood. Brick siding easily settles, cracks or gets separated. Metal siding can easily dent out. Stucco needs an expert for installation but crumbles easily. 

Fiber Cement Siding and Vinyl Siding – The Differences

Though both are very popular choices, vinyl siding is made of synthetic materials, while fiber cement siding is made of natural materials. Vinyl is cheap and can easily wear down, blow out, show brittles or melt in heat or fire. Vinyl also expands and shrinks in temperature changes. This complexity makes installation difficult.

On the other hand, James Hardie Siding does not buckle out, fade or brittle out. It has no cons like vinyl siding does.

James Hardie Siding Is More Expensive

Using James Hardie siding on home you can assure a greater resale value. As it gives higher energy efficiency, less need for repainting and maintenance, the one-time installation of this siding will yield better dividend to you. You may think it is expensive on paper when compared to other siding variants, but because of its high quality it can run for a longer time, with zero servicing or maintenance costs.

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A Greater Lifespan

The quality does matters. This is one kind of siding that can easily withstand the harsh effects of all four seasons. No matter what it is, cold, snow, hail, heat, storms, it cannot affect the appearance and strength of this siding. With the alternatives, you can expect mold, shrinkage, break, dents, moisture, warp, shifting, termite, fungi and what not. These are the reasons you should go to the James Hardie siding contractors in Oklahoma City while building or renovating your home.

You will get almost 30 years non-prorated warranty as well. This siding can be used under the following conditions:

  • Near river or lakes or moisture prone areas

  • Sandy, salty beaches with sun exposure

  • Humid climates

  • Hills or mountains

The American Society for Testing of Materials has confirmed this siding non-combustible because of its impeccable thickness, durability and chemical composition. It is anti-flammable and does not ignite when exposed to open flame. This product is non-toxic and completely safe for the environment. It does not contain or emit toxic components like formaldehyde, asbestos or chemical gases.

If you are convinced about the benefits of James Hardie Siding, you should contact a contractor in Oklahoma City. Come to salute Exteriors, we will help you with whatever you need.