Do Colors Affect Your Home’s Resale Value?

Despite all the pitfalls, appearance still comes first. When you are going to purchase something, you can’t deny the fact that the look of it is the first that grabs your attention. This is applicable to almost everything in this world. If you own a house, you must think about its resale value. The exterior of the home plays a crucial role in deciding the resale value of the home.

The siding of your home that will grab the attention of the potential buyers first, so it should be chosen very wisely. Did you know the color of your siding also has an impact on your buyers? The siding companies in OKC state that it’s high time to give importance to the curb appeal if you are ready to put your home on the market.

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The Importance of Color

The color of the siding is significant to increasing a home’s value. The color should be chosen according to the style of the home. When choosing the right color, you need to look at the below-mentioned considerations:

  • The architectural style should be synchronized by a color that is expected by the buyers. A coastal beach house will go well with green or blue. This obviously, would not fit for colonial houses.

  • You can try unique colors if your home is in an out-of-the-box neighborhood. Change the color if the neighborhood maintains a traditional style. To make it stand out of the crowd, you can’t break the symphony of the entire place. That would not attract your potential buyers.

  • The homeowners’ association might have restrictions on the look of your home. Abide by the rules if you are changing the colors using fiber cement siding in Oklahoma City or any other type of siding.

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Now, let’s take a look at the siding colors that can make the best or worst impression.

  1. Light neutral colors like off-white or wheat are safer to pick than pure white for the exterior. They go great with darker neutrals and allows the other colors to add a definition to the home. In other words, these colors can be a great palette to show other colors better.

  2. Blue is an awesome color that can put definition on the house in all of its shades. Darker ones can add hue to the home, whereas a lighter one can go well also.

  3. Gray is another safe color that can go well with any color. It is also safe with any architectural style as well.

  4. Dark brown can be boring as the color of your home, but light brown, beige etc. adds a soft welcoming feel to your home.

  5. Some shades are a big NO for your home’s exterior and that includes pink, purple, orange, bright blue, mustard yellow.

The siding companies in OKC can give you better ideas about the color to suit your purpose. Salute Exterior is one such reputable company where you can get a wide variety of designs and colors for fiber cement siding in Oklahoma City. You can talk to our professionals and decide accordingly.