How to Maintain Your Siding

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To look and feel clean is unbeatable. Whether the car, kitchen tile floor or the siding of your home; when things are so clean and look good, you feel content.

You can achieve the same brilliance by cleaning your home siding once or twice a year. It is better to avoid a high-pressure washer to do the job; a low-pressure garden hose and a soft half-bristle brush turn out to be the best way for removing debris and dirt from siding.

We, Salute Exterior have gathered tools, solutions and all techniques you need to keep your fiber cement siding clean in Oklahoma City as, from dirt or mildew.


The weather in Oklahoma City is unpredictable. Big storms and windy days invite dirt that can stick to your siding. A soft brush such as a chip-brush, paint poly brush or a horse-hair brush and the garden hose will be enough to clean the muck from the outer side of your home. Usage of an abrasive steel brush can damage your siding, so avoid it.

If the dust or dirt is brushed with a brush, the area should be rinsed with the garden hose sprayer. If you use a cloth, wet it and then clean the area in a side to side motion, make sure to follow the direction of the planks.

Oil, Organic Contaminants, Grease

Oil, grease and organic contaminants are the most annoying things to make your siding dingy. A soft terry cloth and a hose would be good to clean this oily dirt. Take your soft cloth and add soapy water to it. Reinforce the stained siding frequently while rinsing the cloth. Use a garden hose and rinse the area once the siding is fully lathered.

The job, though, can be hectic for you, but you can ease it up by consulting fiber siding companies in OKC.

Mold and Mildew

Mildew may sometimes look like dirt so make sure to look at boards, panels or shingles when it's time to clean your siding. A garden hose and soft cloth will be needed if you find mold or mildew.

Scrub the area that shows any mildew signs lightly and follow the instructions carefully from the siding installer or manufacturer. Use the garden hose from there to rinse the surroundings.

Many fiber cement siding companies in OKC claim to provide the best quality siding that needs a little maintenance. However, if you need something special and unique, visit us at Salute Exteriors.