Renovate Your 90’s Home Just Adding the Right Siding

Your home is not only a structure of wood and drywall, but it is also much more than that. It preserves lots of memory, may be of your childhood and the loved ones who’ve lived there. It has withstood all the weather change and other harmful elements; therefore, it may look old and outdated. However, would you want to give up your memories when you can preserve it with a few renovations? If the answer is no, you can try changing the siding of the home and give it a beautiful makeover. Contact a James Hardie siding contractor in Oklahoma City to get an idea about the entire renovation.

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Authentic Look but with Advanced Technology

If your home is old enough, it is possible to have light blue shingles on it. The experts on fiber cement siding in Oklahoma City state that over time, these types of shingles dry out and their original shape and structure spoils. The chances of wood rot and water damage are there for the damage. It is better to replace the original tar paper with James Hardie siding and moisture barrier. It will help to prevent water damage and mildew growth and offer better insulation.

For getting the vintage wood finish look, you can ask your James Hardie siding contractors in Oklahoma City for the Cedarmil texture. Its natural cedar look maintains the authenticity of the vintage look. Moreover, the James Hardie siding has the color plus technology which prevents color fading protecting it from UV rays.

For merging the vintage and modern look, the addition of a bedroom or sun-room would be an excellent choice. It would maintain the design and the shape of the old house as well.

Similarly, renovation of the garage area and the beams and bars of the home would provide it safety beside keeping its vintage look.

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For James Hardie siding or cement fiber siding, you can contact us at Salute Exteriors, a certified contractor in Oklahoma City. We have an experienced team who are well acquainted with the installation process and the material to help you renovate your home for years to come.